Investing in New Richmond

Situated in the Bay of Chaleurs in the center of the territory of the regional county councils (M.R.C.) of Avignon and Bonaventure, New Richmond offers entrepreneurs and future investors all the tools necessary for success. One of our strengths is the exceptional solidarity of our business community that simulates profitable discussions and an advantageous exchange of knowledge and expertise.

Equipped with a diversified economic base, it is the ideal site for anyone looking for a stimulating and dynamic location. New Richmond can be proud of being an industrial, commercial and touristic town. An important industrial and service center considered as the nucleus of the Bay of Chaleurs, the Town of New Richmond has an industrial zone of an area of 2,5 million square feet that can accommodate important infrastructures. The presence of approximately 250 commercial and touristic enterprises adds to our diversity and the quality of our economic vitality.

The Town of New Richmond can assist potential promoters with their business projects, whether it is to find an investment partner or a location. In fact, over the past few years, the Société de développement économique of New Richmond has been actively canvassing using the strategic monitoring required to bring many important projects to term, and this, by implementing a well-defined strategy.


Stéphane Cyr, Director General

418 392-7000, extension 231