Municipal Departments

  • Stéphane Cyr, Director General

    418 392-7000, extension 9-231

    The Director General’s primary task is to coordinate the political decisions made by the Municipal Council and the administration of the Town. He is responsible for planning and budget management, as well as human resources management.

  • Céline Leblanc, Town Clerk

    418 392-7000, extension 9-228

    The Town Clerk prepares minutes, by-laws and public notices and is responsible for archives and the proper conservation of official files and records.

  • Ann-Julie Leblanc, Recreation and Tourism Director

    418 392-7000, extension 9-230

    The Recreation Director supervises activities at the Jean-Marie-Jobin Sports Complex, the Tourist Information Office, parks, green spaces and sports facilities.

  • Patrick Boudreau, Fire Department Director

    418 392-7000, extension 9-264

    The Director of the Fire Department organizes required prevention activities and assures the protection of citizens during fires, assisted by the volunteer fire department.

  • Dominic Bujold, Public Works and Buildings Director

    418 392-7000, extension 9-247

    The Public Works and Buildings Director is responsible for the maintenance of the Town’s infrastructures, such as roads, water and sewerage, as well as all municipal buildings.

  • Richard Cormier, Town Planning Director

    418 392-7000, poste 9-229

    The Town Planning Director ensures that the by-laws related to his department are respected. He also issues construction permits.

  • Dominic Gauthier, Cultural Director

    418 392-7000, extension 9-240

    The Cultural Director is responsible for the management of the Salle de spectacles régionale Desjardins of New Richmond, as well as the Vieux-Couvent Municipal Library.