The Town

New Richmond looks to the future

New Richmond is an urban center in the heart of the Bay of Chaleurs where recreation and tourism blend with industry and where commerce thrives.

With a strong cultural, historical, and I would say, cosmopolitan identity, New Richmond has prospered and moved forward into the 21st century with all the vitality, intensity and creativity necessary for the success of a community.

With the experience of our retirees, our youth and our seniors, with the competence and vitality of the working class, with the determination and hope of our youth and the inspiring innocence of our children, New Richmond must look to the future with a great deal of optimism and work enthusiastically to make the town an important economic center in the Bay of Chaleurs and a community with an enviable quality of life, and even more, ensure that all of the province of Quebec and the rest of the country discover one of the most attractive and picturesque spots in Canada.

Consequently, people will come to visit, move here, work here or establish businesses here and ensure the future of our children and future generations.

“Together, as a community, we must look to the future”.

I invite you to visit our site, send us your suggestions, and in particular, send your requests for information using this website. We will be happy to respond.

Éric Dubé
Mayor of New Richmond